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Purchasing Policy and Disclaimer

Purchasing Policy
  • A R300.00 upfront payment is required unless otherwise agreed for more expensive items. Bank details are available here.
  • Stock may be limited and it is not always possible to indicate immediately if a record is not available. We will do our best to get it as soon as possible.
  • Items will only be released to buyers once proof of payment has been received.
  • Vinyl records are fragile. Fine surface blemishes and possible warped records are part of the fragility of the medium. We will only replace an album if there is a genuine surface defect. Initial pops and ticks are normal. The Mobile Fidelity Soundlabs record sleeves state that these pops and ticks will disappear after a few plays.
  • In certain cases records are delivered to us from the overseas distributor and the copies are not sealed. Not all of them have plastic inner sleeves either.
  • On average we order every 10 days as we need to collate an order to critical size for best shipping rates. This means you will not neccessarily receive your order four days after placing it. However we do use DHL and TNT Express to get stuff here as quickly as humanly possible. Newsletters and e-mails are sent out regularly to keep customers up to date.
  • Please note all prices on this website are exchange rate dependant, some prices may have been posted over 2 years ago and will be out of date.It is not possible to change our prices with each rand fluctuation, please mail us for an up to date price on any item you are interested in.Also certain items may be out of print but not removed from this website, once again mail us for more info.
  • Audionut is not responsible for defects in records as we do not open them upon arrival at our offices. No returns will be accepted unless your record is well and truly damaged.
  • While every effort is made to get your purchase to you as soon as possible, we are not responsible for postal delays.
  • Although we understand that, as with CD even, damaged pressings do occur, we wish to stress that if LP's are returned for slight scratches, warps or ticks we will have to close our doors as it is not feasible to send all these items back to europe or the USA. Where there is definite damage we will of gladly replace the item.